Trampa wireless dongle

Hi everyone,

I think I need to upgrade my HM-10 Bluetooth for something higher quality and more reliable. I’m sick of the app never connecting no matter what settings I put on it.

I thought about the Trampa dongle. It seems well priced and good quality.

Before I purchase - does anyone know if it will work with my enertion focbox? It’s the single drive unit and not the unity.

Thanks, Daniel

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Just get the metr one, it has a really nice app

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I completely forgot the metr one!

I’ll check it out. Cheers bro

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Not gonna lie the Metr app looks awful. What is it with these apps looking so bland?

Flipsky sell a verson of the trampa dongle for $9 USD

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That will fit and it is future proof and updatable FW wise via VESC-Tool. Connects you to VESC-Tool and will connect to the new NRF based remote controllers that are due to arrive. Setup, Profiles, Telemetry, Remote Connection.


Hi Trampa

Actually out the box it will not fit the Enertion foxbox, how do I know? I just tried to do it yesterday. The connector on the dongle is bigger, so you have to change it for a smaller one (from the HM-10), here is a picture


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Gnd to Gnd, 3.3v to 3.3v, RX to TX, TX to RX. The cables can be removed using a needle, lifting up the plastic snap in.

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You clearly didnt read that did you @trampa? He said nothing about the orders. Hes saying that the jst connector you use on the dongle are not compatable with the focbox. Its has to be changed to a different jst.

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“has to be changed to a different JST”, why? The Trampa dongle are intended for Vesc 6 right, the Vesc 6 has a 7 pin comm port.

Guve us a sneak peak at these remotes? When are they due in?

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Usually you can plug in a shorter connector into a longer base and you can chop a longer connector to fit into a shorter bass. If you use it for remote connection, I would simply get tge correct plastic housing from RS components.

Available soon, preview when it’s in production and ready to be ordered.


So to clarify

Yes, the Trampa dongle will connect to the enertion focbox but will require the connection lead to be changed (easy).



Correct, you need to swap the JST connector. TX on dongle goes to RX on Focbox and vice versa