Transition from acceleration to coasting issue

I am running a single motor 192KV 6374 with 12s Lipos, when I am traveling at a reasonable speed I let off the accelerator and the transition from acceleration to coasting is jolt that if your not ready for it could launch you off the board. Is there any setting I can play with that could reduce the transition when releasing the throttle? I never had this problem with my 2 motor builds.

What controller are you using?

loosen belt tension as much as possibls


belt tension. i second that. i couldnt loosen my belt anymore so i practiced to decelerate smoother manually. just try and go smooth with that trigger.

I found not releasing the acceleration helps - IE accelerate fully then reduce rather than release

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exactly as sk8l8r says. or switch to chain drive - ive been riding for a few weeks now and coasting almost feels like im not motorized. friction is less on my chain drive vs belt drive. just something to think about…

It also worth investing in better bushings and pivot cup. Check out riptide krank bushings. The slop in your trucks is very noticeable during the driven to undriven tranition on a single drive board.

I know this feeling, I’m thinking it’s what caused my to fall at 50km/h. I too would like to know what it is and I’m using chain drive so it’s not that. I’m thinking there should be some setting to change ramping time maybe

As others have said, ease off the throttle

Pulling off the throttle is similar to just completely pulling your foot off of a cable thottle on a car, butterfly slaps shut and jolts, harder the higher the rpm was.

So when you pull off the throttle, just let up on it, not completely let go.

And belt tension or drive tension. You want a free rolling drivetrain, friction losses turn into big jolts. So if your belts are too tight you get jolts. If you get slip with your belts any looser, you either needs higher reduction or wider belts.

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Thanks for the advice, loosing the belt did help a lot, and not letting off the acceleration but easing remove the jolt. I am assuming that there is no easy way to not have a discrete power drop off when you release the accelerator but a smooth power curve. I see myself doing 30mph and some car cuts me off and I release the accelerator. Again thanks guys for the quick responses.

You sure it’s user error here, with being too touchy with the remote?

Do you mean going from acceleration to maintaining speed, or giving power to having the trigger in the neutral position?

If it’s an issue with the neutral position then it’s possible that your deadzone is too large.

The issue is when I am accelerating, I release the remote trigger so the trigger goes back to its neutral position. In doing this a get jolt from the motor getting power to a motor not getting power. Ideally I would like the power curve to be smooth not on then off. I might be able to play with some of trigger springs so it is not as abrupt.

Switch to gear drive (or hub motors) if you want a smooth transition. The less resistance from your drive train, the better.