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Transmitter and receivers questions for beginners

I’m trying to figure out a solution to my next wireless controller. It’s seems harder that just plug and play like my last build. I’m using a quanum postal grip 2.4ghz controller and besides the size and shape it works well. But for my next build I want to down size to a smaller type. I have the esc already. Any advise would be helpful.

@torqueboards makes a mini remote. product/torqueboards-2-4ghz-mini-remote-controller/

I appreciate the info. I just ordered one. Not to be a loser but they need to have more options for the eboard dummies.

@Glenn welcome to DIY.

Plug in play that’s how I roll.

Enertion, diy, metro, boosted, evolve all come to mind.

also i build them for people if you don’t want to bother doing it yourself but want that custom flavor. Sort of DIFM instead of DIY.

I would take you up on that but enjoyed doing my first build.

I think you liked the brushed stainless cover plates. I started my next build.

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This is just a little lay out. It will have 8s3p batteries. Aerodrive sk3 213 kv motor, turnigy flux 160amp esc. Not sure about mounting yet. I’m going to inlay the batteries again and build a complete low profile cover, should be only a 1/2" tall. Also going to roll the cover the shape of the concave. I’ll post the build as I progress. Also been playing around with making the batteries have some flex.