Travel bag/case possibility

Just thought this might be something to look into?

I just walked into our advertising department at my office and noticed some cases that looked like it would fit an esk8. I asked someone where they get them from and I was given this site there’s 24", 33.5" 36" and 48" at about $50.

My board is 36"x10" so the “Silver Bag for 36” MIGHT fit (not sure about the wheel+board height though) the interior measurement of the bag is 39"x10.5"x3"

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I bought a rifle case for my dropthrough, with 83mm wheels and at 5" on the inside it barely fits. I don’t think a 3’’ inner height is going to cut it. :neutral_face:

83mm wheels, 180mm caliber fifty trucks and a typical 5 ply deck is about 4 - 4.5 inches tall, even taller with spacers.

Does anyone know the workaround to travel with their e boards with the lithium restrictions on airlines?

make a pack that splits into ~99wh smaller packs or just a 99wh replaceable packs as the limits are 100wh or 160wh if you contact the airline

*wh = watt hours

also look at this post for other “inventive” solutions :upside_down:

You could all ways purchase a yuneec or boosted bag. They have them on Amazon I believe.

Awesome, thanks for the help @makevoid

I crammed an enertion raptor in this and tsa took it fine.

1 Like sent CN a bag and it looks to be a pretty good option for those who needs to carry it.

Some people don’t like gun cases because there a red flag for security