Travel-Safe battery design V2 10S4P 360WHr for Loaded Vanguard

So everybody was telling “There is NO WAY you are allowed to ever travel with a 10S4P 360WHr the limit is 100Whr, you need to buy a Boosted Board which is 99Whr”.

So I took this as a challenge and after weeks thinking about of a design to shut up BoostedBoard fanboys, I came up with this design, the board is almost ready, test ride has been amazing and has 3 times the range of a Boosted Board.

Now I have the world open to travel with my e-board with no legal restrictions from airlines or TSA.

Hope you guys enjoy it:

If you need an enclosure like this, hit me up here

Version one of my enclosure was this one and it was for a Never Summer Reaper


Really sweet design! How do the batteries connect together? Is it a special type of connector?

No. It’s just a regular 4mm bullet connector :wink:

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Not sure if it’s been thought of, but what’s preventing the battery from sliding around and causing the connectors to break off?

At the moment the battery is held by the board against the enclosure which happens to be flexible but really hard, the fitment is pretty tight after screwing all 4 bolts, no movement at all.

BUT have you actually taken it through tsa? lol because it still looks … :thinking:

its a good idea but the exposed leads will have diffucluty geting through check i told @lox897 to open my other thread (yes I have photos now) I managed to get mine through security on a flight to dallas last week. edit: would also reccomend heat shrink around cells for a more professional look as when you go through security you want it to look the most least bomblike possible.

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Yeah. I’m still waiting on the heat shrink and I’m going to use this silicone caps to cover the bullets.

already ahead of me yep you should be golden I just wish we could make some wh stickers

from my testing ive found that those balance lead connector wires are somewhat fragile without good wire (just for consideration)

Just because you think you have a safe battery doesn’t mean it should be used for air travel. Not even Boosted’s UN certified battery was safe enough. Do you want to be the reason a airplane has to make an emergency landing?

There are numerous things that can go wrong in a battery. The Wh limit is to prevent a large disaster from happening.

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so put the batteries in a fireproof lipo carrying case when going through. phones arent even fully safe either but we still bring them everytime

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Have a look at my idea of a battery that you can take on airplanes by removing the cells from the holder for flights.

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Where would u put the cells

As far as i know the 99 wh only count for a complete battery pack. When it is disconnected to individual packs or cells which are less then 99wh each then it should be OK. But I didn’t read the law so I could be wrong.

Yeah, that’s correct.

Size limits: Lithium metal (non-rechargeable) batteries are limited to 2 grams of lithium per battery. Lithium ion (rechargeable) batteries are limited to a rating of 100 watt hours (Wh) per battery. These limits allow for nearly all types of lithium batteries used by the average person in their electronic devices. With airline approval, passengers may also carry up to two spare larger lithium ion batteries (101-160 watt hours). This size covers the larger after-market extended-life laptop computer batteries and some larger batteries used in professional audio/visual equipment.

Quantity limits: None for most batteries – but batteries must be for use by the passenger. Batteries carried for further sale or distribution (vendor samples, etc.) are prohibited. There is a limit of two spare batteries per person for the larger lithium ion batteries described above (101-160 watt hours per battery).

Are you seriously comparing a 10Wh battery to a 100Wh+ battery?

10x the power, is a lot more dangerous. Not to mention, all phones sold in the US are certified, tested and are equipped with monitoring protection ICs. They were also manufactured by actual battery companies. Not all DIY electric skateboard batteries can make that statement.

Well I guess I’ll take that risk rather than not be able to ride

This looks great!!! It is a great configuration you have made! I have one thought though; have you thought about resistance? All the amps has to go through the 4mm bullet connectors which might get hot when pulling a lot of amps…

Some on the forum was talking about this the other day:

Well I guess you are the reason why we have blanket bans on any batteries on board, because some random bloke thought of them self as battery specialist and brought down a plane … good thinking, and thanks for making life harder for everyone else.

About the regulations … travel regulations clearly state that 100Wh size limit per battery is for batteries that have a management system built in (laptop battery has a bms built in), what is show in this video classifies as loose cells (any cell where there is a direct link between battery pole and outside terminals is classified as loose cells, to be considered a battery pack you need to have a form of circuit breaker in between) and those have to be carried in specialised package - “lipo bag” ain’t going to cut it, it’s usually a wooden crate of certain size.

Update: To be on the positive side :slight_smile: There is a way of eliminating the problem with what people describe here as “parallel connection current problem”. One could adopt concept from automotive industry where you have a main buss bars which carry max current for any lenght you want and then you branch out with wiring that can take 150% of current for a specific parallel pack. Rule of thumb for 150% of that batteries will differ in impedance. also thicker bus bars you can treat as form of “concentrator” (or kirchhoff master junction) and branch out from there for your VESC controllers.

What im doing is making a 10S batterypack from multiple Zippy lipos, each way below 100Wh. I leave the battery packs all original, using a wiring harness with connectors to connect everything. When I get on the plane I take the seperate batteries out of the enclosure, tape up the connectors and put them in a lipo safe bag in my carry-on, ideally separated from each-other. This is as safe as it gets with lipos but I still wouldnt want to fly like this on a regular basis.

Never tried it, but you’ll basically presenting 2-5 small batteries in factory condition with the wh rating printed on the label, technically they cant refuse you.