TravelCruiser with Koowheel Parts

Hi, I’m from the Netherlands. For my work I travel to different places in the world and after work It would be great to cruise around.

But the koowheel it isn’t easy to put in a normal suitcase and the battery capacity is too high to bring about at most airports. So I made a plan to make I nice prototype, test it and maybe in the future replace parts and change the metal to carbon/glasfiber.

Design is copied from the boosted mini. I already had a nice piece of wood at hole. To bad the length was 730mm instead of my original design 750mm. But al the parts still fits!

At my work we had some stainless steel scrap. I know it is heavy but I want to be sure the skateboard doesn’t break and still this is just a prototype.

I use Lipo batteries because these one I can take in my carry-on luggage without any problems. Is it safe… no opinion

Motherboard of Koowheel :slight_smile:

No time to get proper griptape from a skate store but our local construction market they had some griptape.

Time for the test! First travel was to Hungary - Budapest - Miskolc - Szerence

After my first travel with the E-skate I noticed some problems. The motherboard is a expensive part and when it’s hanging on the bottom of the skateboard the change damaging it is big. So I also want to move the motherboard inside the board.

Second. The shaft of the rear truck is not strong enough. After each ride I had to bend the shaft back. This need to be replaced with a bigger one.

FYI the shaft didn’t break. I had to cut the shaft before i could machine it.

Second travel! Russia - Krasnodar! They have a amazing park to board!


Wonderful build! Good move on changing the axles too - thin axles and hub motors have a harsh history. I love the second grip tape job, absolutely hilarious.

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Can you explain what you did with the axles? Was it primarily to strengthen?

Yes it was to strengthing. I changed the original axle of 8mm to a axle of 10mm :slight_smile:

Amazing upgrade :fire: it really looks great

Last week I had a great ride in the “Veluwe” in my home town. Wanted to share this nice picture!

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Cool, if there is chance to make mass production for board, we are willing to help.