Tread Wrappers for hub motors

Ok so I haven’t seen a post. The video is kind of funny but is there any way these will work

I read somewhere the person behind it is a known scam artist and these are a total sham…


Ya, I just don’t see how it would ever work without falling off

Has anyone tried wrapping a bike tire around a hub? Securing with some sort of epoxy?

Not sure if it would work, is it worth a shot?

There was a guy that did it on reddit, secured it in with a screw.

So the general consensus is no, this is not a good idea to back?

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Unless its glue directly to the wheel, i cant see how they are secured. If it requires gluing, then whats the point? just use propper AT wheels that arent going to catastrophically de-laminate at high speed and cost you some skin. They look like it was applied with a caulking gun :joy:

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From the reddit post:

Or even better: 3d Print your own hub covers4115885853688be5145d6650858d8803_preview_featured


But, but…

Hub wheels are already just tire skins over the hub.

Why put a skin over a skin over a hub, when you can just make an a hub wheel tire that’s offroad from the get go.

Hey everyone.

I’m here to try to clear up some answers for you. The Tread Wraps have a lip that covers each side of the wheel which won’t allow it to slide off. They have been tested and filmed (as you can see in some of the videos on the Kickstarter) to ensure they don’t slide off. Of course, the image you see isn’t the final version. We still need to make the molds for the final production run. This is why we’re raising funding.

Not sure how I got the reputation here for being a scam artist, but that’s not here nor there. I’m happy to answer any questions anyone has.


Do you have any videos demonstrating the complete board off-roading with the wraps? All your videos showing the off-road capabilities are framed to only show the back quarter of the board.

Definitely seems questionable…

Why do they look like a 3 year old made them? No offense, real question. The prototype…

Those misshapen treads, Can’t take the product seriously looking like that


Did you just join the forms or do you have another account. You have 17 minutes of read time and you created your account May 10 and only visited 2 days.

I’m with squishy unless you can prove us other wise?

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Although his product looks like some garbage my four year old came up with, I dont see anything on the internet of him ever scamming anyone… do you have links to he article.

Seriously though…my four year old could of designed this


Yeah it was just something I read guys, lol…in fact I just went back through FB and redit looking for where I read it and all I found was people bashing the product like you guys are… Anthony Tranchida is the guy behind these as well…

Looks like a businessman not a skater…

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I suspect this was an old smurf or forgotten account: He looks to be involved in a new shoe company called, and get this! “Caballero” and it’s not associated with Steve at all, lol

This guy is literally a :clown_face:

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Same. They look like a 3 year old made the mold haha

Maybe your kid could HAVE taught you grammar

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My biggest concern is that these will fly off your wheels when doing 40+ km/h. Speed or milage isn’t mentioned anywhere. These coming fresh and untested from the factory will surely get people wrecked. Materials don’t last forever. So even if they hold up well (which they won’t), eventually they will break at the highest stress point during your cruise, which will be at your top speed making a turn. This is dangerous and all your alarm bells should be ringing here. CAUTION DO NOT BUY

These will either be impossible to put on or come off way to easy at high speeds.