Trigger vs Thumb drive [poll]

Just out of curiosity…

  • Trigger
  • Thumb
  • Something else

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Is MIND CONTROL can be include in something else ?


I actually like both

I guess so :joy:

@wmj259 but which one do you like the most???

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I wanted a thumb controller so I built a few. now I see the benefits of a trigger style.

the other stuff is going to be really fun! :sunglasses:

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which is more safe if you fall?

I’d say a thumbwheel is safer in a fall. Having used both styles, I found triggers more likely to get accidentally hit during a fall or even just riding. A guarded trigger is better for avoiding accidental hits, but your finger is always on it. If you lose control or fall, you have to still maintain control of your finger or pull it out of the guard. With a thumbwheel, once you lose control, your thumb is off the wheel and the small nub is less likely to get hit in a way that will jettison or stop your board.

That being said, what’s safer is going to be what’s more comfortable to the rider. If you’re more comfortable using a trigger, a trigger is going to be safer for you than a thumbwheel.

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I guess it should depend on the quality of the remote rather than the style

Agree 100%. For safety, the most important thing is a reliable remote. In terms of design, adding a deadman switch would basically solve any issues with one remote being safer than the other. Not sure why more remotes don’t have this feature.

i have a gt2b mod with a trigger and now the enertion nano x. I think I still like the feel of the trigger better but I think I have just used it more. The thumb style will probably be just as good. I can’t believe how small the nano x is though. Talk about slipping a remote into your pocket no problem!

Can Trigger catch up to Thumb??? Time will tell.

I am honestly SHOCKED at how close this is