Trike / Bike Build , Need setup reviewed

Currently building a small Trike Bike and would like input/review of the components i plan on setting up. “Review uploaded image and questions below” Thanks for input!

Specifications: Weight: Bike will be approx. 50lbs and i weight 200lbs for a total of 250lbs load. Speed: not looking to go fast, just roll around the neighborhood. (going fast is better tho!)

QUESTIONS Motors: ? Use TurnigyAerodrive SK3 5055-280kv or 6374-192kv

ESC Can this be ran with a Y-Harness to run two motors?


Similar idea of what i am trying to build here:

Making sure @lowGuido sees this.

Get the 6374’s signigantly more torque. And you need one esc per motor y cable won’t work. Look forward to the build. :grinning:

Here is how I plan on hooking up the dual ESC’s with the Y-Harness. Need to remove one positive wire from one ESC or should I look into VESC. I would rather use the Trackstar ESC since I already have them.

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Oh I miss understood, you can y the receiver. Though I think you should parallel the baterries so they discharge evenly. Or series them for more voltage / speed. If the esc can take 6s

Thanks for the input!

I made some thing simmilar here:

I would seriously consider front wheel drive over rear wheel. it makes it so much easier to drive. you can literally pull yourself out of slides that would otherwise spin you out.


Plus the fact that you are holding onto handlebars means there is no need for wireless transmitters

@lowGuido finally a link to your channel! lol… Will take a look,gona electrify my mates trike soon,perfect for carrying the fire wood to the beach in the basket! I towed him with a bungee cord last time! Fastest that trikes ever gone 30mph lol even up hill was fast…he was smiling the whole way home haha

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Lol @WARMAN if this is the first time you have seen me link to my videos you aren’t on here enough LOL i spam it all the time.

Oh. And that trackstar ESC blows by the way. Get an xcar beast 150A or just an e bike esc.

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@lowGuido Yeah not on here too much these days! Coulda swore iv spoken to you before about a link to your channel? @smith_035 why not use an electric bike kit? Hub wheel on the front or dual rear if you got the money or are you trying to keep costs down? And weight maybe? I made a dual wheel drive carbon fibre bike with a hench battery years ago the torque was madness!!

@lowGuido I like the idea of front wheel! I have enough components to build a prototype for it before I invest in more stuff. Really just learning at this point. Do you think if i used a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6374 192kv with two (3S) Zippy 5000mAh ran in series would give me enough torque/power to move about 200lbs? Probably use a 4 to 1 chain drive gear ratio.

@WARMAN. Yeah just trying to keep cost down at this point since i am just a newbie trying to learn. Just a hillbilly stuck in a subdivision trying to do hillbilly stuff!

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Lol fair enough! Post some pictures when you have a 6374 and drive train connected up to the wheel. Will be interesting! not seen it done yet,definitely will be much lighter but less power! Iv towed a trike with my friend on it full of fire wood and obviously my weight up hills with my dual 6355’s so if you went dual 6374’s iv no doubt it would be more than enough power!

Hi, I want to know how connected this speed control TrackStar 150A GenII 1/8th with the engine. You solder these parts or only with connector