Triple nickle layer

Is this okay as is? 8mm .2 3 layers20181006_224010_HDR

Or should I add more

It looks like you don’t have many welds on those top strips at least…


at least three welds per cell, meaning you should see six spots. and you need to apply more force while pushing down the electrodes.

I’ll add weld spots. Just put down enough to hold it together. just wondering if the 3 layers will be enough or should I add more.

if your first layer doesn’t have enough welds, it’s not gonna be fun losing power or even shorting when the layers inevitably get loose

1st and 2nd layer have 6 to 8 welds. 3 layer is just tacked on

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0.2X8mm are rated for 20 amps you got 60 using 3 layers. Should be fine.

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I agree, it should be enough unless you expect to be pulling more than 60a cont. I would also trim the corners of those strips. You don’t want them to puncture the cell wrap and short it out


Awesome thank you guys