Trouble calibrating Ezrun MAX6 with mini remote

Hui guys,

I just finished putting all the parts together but I the calibration seems not to work. The miniremote is paired with the receiver, I did all the steps read in the docs but the esc start normally.

So basically, I turn on the remote, press and hold the set button on Max6 then press turn on button and release set. It suppose to go in calibrate mode but it does not.

What seems to be wrong? The esc or the receiver?

I found I needed to hold the set button, press the power button for 0.5 seconds, dont just tap it. Then after the first bleep, release the set button.

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Thanks @EssEnn. It seems that their manual is wrong.

Yeah it took me a few trys to figure it out. Just poorly explained. I hope you got one of the 3in1 programming boxes.

Yes, I have the programming box. Without it’s a nightmare to configure all the params.

Yeah when I read the manual I realised I would need the box. Also mega handy to check my LIPO’s voltage as well.

Manual is wrong.

  Power on remote control

  hold SET and power on ESC on powerswitch, release powerswitch
  immeditaly... BUT hold SET until it starts to beep beep beep beep
  beep beep

  release SET button it should still makes beep beep beep beep beep

  trigger in neutral : press set shortly, one beeps 

  hit full trotthle : press set shortly, two beeps 

  hit full brake : press set shortly, three beeps

  little melodie appears..... GREAT

  Power OFF ..... then power on again and try

You can check this way if you done it correct:

hold full throttle : the led on esc should get green hold full brake : the led on esc should get green

if its only red then something is not right and do calibration again… check if the potientiometer of throttle is in neutral

Make sure that you have deactivate the BEC by one ESC before connecting them via Y-Wire. You know just remove by one ESC the middle, red, positive wire out of connector and isolate. I would calibrate both ESC at the same time !

Check if Remote correctly bindet to reciever. Led on the reciever on? Connectet to port 2 ?