Trouble Finding Chain Pulleys (Sprockets)

I’m having a hell of a time finding the pulleys that I need. I’m sure I’m not the first to struggle with this, but I can’t find anything in the forums.

I’m using the Alien 6384 motor with 10mm shaft and 3mm keyway. I would like to use #25 chain, 9 teeth on the motor and 54 teeth on the wheel. I’ve searched all sorts of websites for those, or even different arrangments of teeth.

Am I just looking for the wrong search terms? I feel like this is should be easier.

Pulleys for chain are usually called sprockets. You could try searching with that keyword.

See where I get my sprockets on my blog… Http://

Surplus center is where I get my sprockets, but it’s gonna be very hard to find a 9t 10mm bore sprocket

Thanks guys, I haven’t had any luck as of yet, been searching all day. I messaged Nowind to see if I can aquire some form him, hopefully he can help me out.

That will be very hard to find as the base of the teeth on the sprocket may be smaller than 10mm. You would be better off looking for 10t sprockets as I have seen some on eBay for a dollar or two. And a 60t wheel sprocket

I think you are correct, I can find 11 teeth sprockets, but then they have a 3/8" bore, which is slightly too small. And also there won’t be a 3mm keyway. I would happily buy an 11 tooth sprocket if it has a 10mm bore with a 3mm keyway. But that might not exist either?

You might have to redrill the hole to the size you need and then file out a key way

Agreed, I talked to Nowind, and he is helping me out with them. His look absolutely gorgeous compared to any I have found online.

Just wanted to update this for anyone else out there looking for sprockets. I really wanted to use the particular alien motor that I found, but it had the main shaft of 10mm which in turn made it difficult to find a motor sprocket with the fewest teeth and 10mm bore. My plan is for this beast to be able to handle almost any hill. So after I emailed Nowind, and he made me up a set, and I had them withing about 13 days I’ve got them in my hands. The wheel sprocket looks awesome, way nicer than anything else I could find and it is steel which I also like. He also included the chain and extra chain connectors. So for anyone else looking for tough to find drive, talk to Jens.

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