Troubleshooting Help


Hey all

I’m so close to the finish line I can taste it.

I’ve been unsuccessful getting the motors to turn tho. I’ve got everything hooked up, bms correctly installed, and power to the vescs and to the receiver. What else am I not thinking about?

Y’alls help is greatly appreciated.

Did you do a detection for the motors?

Nope. I guess I wasn’t aware of that step. Is that in the vesc tool?

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How is it going? Hope you will fix your batteries in the tray and planed to cover the nickel strips as min with some battery tape. Like this it’s big risk that you short your balance wires sooner or later.

If you not sure with your vesc settings, upload some screenshots and we can have a look if everything is how it should be.

Are your motor sensored or sensorless? If ther have no sensors you have to spinn them before they will move

I’ve run motor detection, and the motor runs when I run the FOC sensorless test, but I get no response after with the transmitter.

Are you using the wizards for setup? You have to setup your PPM signal with the APP wizard after motor detection.

Thid video is helpful.

i always run detection multiple times on same values to be sure it wasnt a fluke that the detection was successful. How much amps did you set for motor and battery?