Troubleshooting Issues on ONSRA Carve 1. Replacing ESC

I’ve got an issue with an ONSRA Black Carve 1. It powers on, I can spin the motor for a few seconds and then it just shuts off. It then refuses to power on, but I can power it back on again after waiting several hours and it repeats the same behavior.

I opened it up and couldn’t see anything visually wrong with any of the electrical components. Not sure what to check for with my multi-meter, but regardless, I think this is a good opportunity to just replace/upgrade the ESC, as I want something better anyways.

How hard would it be just swap out the stock ESC with something like the MakerX DV6 Pro? Would that be compatible with all the stock parts? What are some good reading materials, tutorials, etc. for learning how to do this safely and correctly?


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Not hard. All you have to do is connect everything you have on that esc to the maker x one and then just vesc tool. A few notes:

The remote that comes with that esc will not work. You will need a remote that has a receiver as well. That will go to the first 3 pin you’ll see on the maker x and the wires are red white and black.

If your motors are sensored but only have 5 pin connector, you will need to change it to a 6 pin by either solder or jst 2.0 6 pin and just use a knife. You can ignore the “temp” (usually white) wire that will come with your maker x. Just follow red and black. And the other 2 colors. The last one will replace a different color (happened to me). You’ll see the 6 pin wire in the maker x set its usually red, black, white, blue, green and either brown or yellow (I don’t remember…)

And lastly, if you know the battery and what it is, you should be fine. That’s all the basics and safety.

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@LeonCamero I ordered a DV6 Pro. Hopefully the install isn’t too bad. I’m looking for a new remote (w/ receiver/transceiver right now… can’t wait for it all too come in now. :grinning:

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The board seems to just power on when it wants. A few days ago, I increased the tension on 1 of the motors, the belt was quite loose on 1 motor and it powered on fine when I was finished. I did 5 miles yesterday and it wont even turn on today. Bizarre. Maybe a bad power switch?

Would this switch be an acceptable replacement also compatible with the MakerX DV6 Pro?

I would recommend just going loop key instead. I had 4 switch ones and unfortunately the switch breaks. You can try your luck, but save yourself the trouble and just make a female loop key system.