Truck too wide, cut or not?

Hi! I got these 218mm trucks and 83mm wheels from diyelectricskateboard. When mounting these together the truck axel sticks out quite much from the wheel and it is not possible to tighten the nut so that the wheel is fasten (threaded are is not long enough). Do I have to use spacers between truck and wheel or is the solution to cut the axel and make new threads?

I should off course have chosen the more narrow truck…

Thanks! I’m a total newbie when it comes to skateboards.

No don’t cut! :joy: I should just use a spacer on each side.

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Later in the future you will be glad you have the extra axel and truck size.

Edit hey where you from? I read your threads. NORWAY!!.

Guys where can we get spaces fast and cheap in Norway?

Thanks for quick respons. I’m from Norway, Trondheim area. There’s a board shop here close by:-)

But I the board I am planning to use is only 210 wide so the wheels will stick out quite a lot. Will this affect the riding experience a lot? I have read somewhere that the widt of the hanger/wheel assembly should be as wide as the deck?

In a traditional push skate its really annoying if the wheels stick out as it can hit your push foot. But on an esk8 its not really an issue unless you don’t like the look, although for an emergency foot stop it could get in the way.

These do look weird with smaller wheels. 100mm or larger then they look good.

100mm wheels will be for the future upgrade! Thanks for informative answers:-)