Trucks and Motor mount

Hi everyone!

I have a question to all you experienced eskaters :slight_smile:. I have bought trucks (Caliber clones) and motor mount from . I have used thread lock and really tightened the screws on the mount. But after a while the screws come loose. I think it has to do with the constant vibration and the fact that the material of the trucks are quite soft. So my question to you is what trucks do you use and what motor mount to help with this problem?

Any help and knowledge would be much appreciated!

Make sure you are using RED thread locker or it won’t be strong enough. Also note that it takes 24 hours for most thread locking chemicals to cure, so make sure you are observing that wait time before trying it out.

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I use the blue thread locker on everything. I think the key is the waiting overnight for it to cure. Then again some roads are worse than others. Double check everything after the first ride. If all goes well check it every few.

Good luck

Did you let it cure for 3h or more before taking it for a ride? Depending on material, and if there is oil/lube on the threads it can take up to 24h or more to be fully cured.

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Also make sure to clean all parts with alcohol to get rid of debris or fat on screws. Red locktite, cure 24h, done.

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Thanks everyone for your reply! @L3chef I did let the let the blue thread lock cure for 3h. But it seems everyone agrees on that its red thread lock that will make the trick :slight_smile:

Thanks again! Ps. if anyone else has some more info feel free to add it

I had the exact same problem you’re running into.

Torqued the shit out of the set screws holding the motor mount ring onto the truck, tried it with blue loctite, tried it with red loctite. It would still get loose after a few miles. I even broke a few bits torqing them down.

The problem was this

The set screw hole was not tapped through and did not allow the screw to make full contact with the hanger.

After I realized this, I used two adjacent GOOD set screws to lock the hanger down. It has not moved since and I’m only using blue loctite now as red was a PITA to get off.

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Join the club. It’s a shitty design.

What motor mount are you using?

Reason why my mounts only use 2 set screws. There should only be two. Notice how pulleys only have 2 set screws 90 degrees to eachother? That is for a reason. You only need force on each axis. It is the friction on the inner wall of the mount and the outside layer of the truck that keeps the the mount on.

If you have 4 set screws, the set screws are the only things making contact, which will provide way less friction. No bueno

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Which of them do you recommend?

270/290(290 is good for applying to assembled/aligned parts you don’t want to take apart) for bolts you don’t want to remove and 680 for gears you don’t want to remove, proper cleaning and priming go a long way. Check out the loctite catalog for a solution and guide for every situation

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Some motors have a completely rounded shaft and some have a flat part. Is it possible to get the motor pulley to really tighten down on the ones without a flat part or will it slide eventually?

You can attach a pulley with 680 and no screws and itll never come off unless you use a torch

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