Trucks with built in mounting plate

I was cruising around Alibaba and came across these trucks with built in mounting plates. Anyone tried these?

They are cheap and seem like exactly what I’ve been looking for. No more motor mount clamp issues. trucks


I got some from @BoostedBuilder for free, they are only single champ ones but are going strong

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You mean the version that only has a mounting point on one side? Send some picssss

Min order is 50 pieces

You can typically talk to vendors on Alibaba and purchase samples for a slightly higher rate in smaller quantity sizes.

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Just a cheap mount I knocked up for my little bro’s budget board


I’m gonna say those are cast aluminium…

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(1) Aluminium A356 or 180

(2) 4140 Steel Axle HR42-45

(3) Grade 8 Kingpin/ Hollow Kingpin/ Titanium Kingpin

What’s wrong with cast aluminum my I ask? Also what type of aluminum used on reputable vendors like TB, psychotiller, etc.?

There’s nothing wrong with cast aluminum as a low cost option. It’s merely an observation on the posting for why the price is so low to have features for mounting. All longboard hangers are made with cast aluminum as evidence by many companies such as Caliber and Paris. I know TB and psychotiller have casted trucks. I would rather worry more on why type of steel is use for the axle because of shear stress.