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Trusted battery seller?

I’m looking around now for 18650 batteries, and hear Samsung ones are pretty neat, and are a good way to go. I saw these on Aliexpress for a pretty decent price (8 pieces fo 20 USD) but thought it may be too good to be true. Are these sketchy?

Link to check it our yourself:

If these are dodgy, where do you guys recommend me buying bulk for relatively cheap, I have $400 to spend on batteries for a Bigfoot 160 monodrive build.

Edit: I’m located in Australia, if that helps.

Liionwarehouse if you are in US. I am going to get my cells from FastTech (I am in Australia) they have good reviews but the cells ship by boat so it takes like 1-2 months.

they look pretty legit always read the comments and especially the negative. The more comments the more purchases have been made for the product

If i remember correctly, the green 25r is better? Forgot why, perhaps increase life cycle…forgot, you can look it up.

I too am in Australia. So I might check them out

Edit: Forgot to ask, are they cheapish? I’m on mobile and not enough time to check right now. I have around $400 AUD to spend on batteries, hoping to have a little bit left maybe a bit less than $100 to spend on enclosures and extra bits.

5.2A discharge rate. Wouldn’t be suitable for eskate unless you had about 10 in parallel, so you’ll probably want to look for a different cell. Also, I wouldn’t trust the legitimacy of alibaba products, but that’s just me. Try the Samsung 25R like Enertion uses.

Last time I checked ( and that was a LONG time ago)enertion uses (used) LG 's.

My information could be outdated

At about 41 seconds

Looks like he upgraded! Good choice

Oh crap, I just realized those are not even 25Rs lol, I meant to compare the green and blue 25Rs

So I should go with the Samsung 25R ones?

I’m looking at the Liionwholesale site, it’s around $4 for 40 batteries, which is how many I intend to get.

EDIT: doesn’t ship to Australia, but I can find one that does, but basically, that battery is the one to go yes?

That is the one yes. I was just about to say that they don’t ship to Australia.

You mentioned you were getting it from FastTech? When I check out it says Australian Expedited Air or something? 9 days in transit, or something along those lines? No option for shipmail, unless that was the one.

I looked at it a while ago. I think they do have faster shipping yes.

can’t go wrong with 25r’s, but there are other great cells out there too, look around

how many cycles do li ion get again?

I have ordered hundreds of cells from them and every single one has checked out. Not a single dud. The more you buy the less they cost there too.

Also they don’t waste time getting them to you. You’ll probably have them in a week.

I use the Samsung INR18650-25Rs because they’re basically made for our applications at a 20 amp continuous rating and a 100 amp burst which is ludicrous.

why not get the LG cells?

~20% more capacity, negligible price difference, similar discharge - am I missing something?


I don’t think the price difference is negligible it’s like 80 cents which is big deal when buying a few hundred at a time as some of us do

You’re right - I was thinking the price difference was $4.69 vs. $4.91 but I went back and looked and it’s $4.69 vs. $5.91, a ~20% difference.

So in terms of capacity per dollar it’s almost exactly the same, but still I misread.