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Trying desperately to get ahold of Alvin Naicker of Skatetek electric skateboards

Hello I have been trying to locate Alvin Naicker the owner of the former Skatetek Canada as he sent Me a replacement control module for the 1500 watt eagle board I believe but it never arrived and now he is Unreachable online or by phone. If anyone knows his new company or contact info or where I could get a new module that would be a godsend to me as I’ve been without my board for almost a year Now and it is pretty crappy.
Thank you for any help. -ZZ

why dont you try alibaba . most of the ready made eboards are from china .

This is the only info I could find:

Address: 11 Trafford Crescent, Markham, ON L3R 7H5, Canada
Phone:+1 647-996-9094
(800) 337-7276

The Website doesn’t seem to work anymore. Maybe they went out of business.

"This Web page is parked for FREE, courtesy of"
I’d call up GoDaddy or email…whatev…See if they can help you track down a legit lead. :+1:

[email protected] Try that.

He went into hiding after scamming many customers including myself (check out the reviews posted by many victims of his scam). He shut down his company site and running the business under new name Business adress or phone are not available on his new site…only way to contact them is via email. Good luck.

Thi is what i was able to find on the internet but it seems the address and phone number are fake.