Trying to build a mountainboard and have a lot questions

My first build was a street board with a budget of about $800 dollars and I think it turned out great and have I enjoyed it for a year now. I want my second build to be a mountainboard because I am an exceptional mountain biker with some great local mountain bike trails, and I want nothing more than to rip around on them with the power of electricity. I want my board to have a budget of about $1000. The batteries are going to be 2 top-mounted turnigy 6s 12000 mah lipo batteries wired in series. The VESC will either be a FOC box unity, Flipsky VESC, or a Spintend Ubox. Now comes to the tricky part, Flipsky has a mountainboard kit with everything I would need mechanically, but I now Flipsky has a really bad reputation among the esk8 community. Also, the motors have a really low max wattage and low max current. I wonder how much this would affect my hill climbing abilities because some of the trails I ride are really steep. The other more expensive option is L-faster a basically unknown Chinese company that sells off of AliExpress. I would probably use propulsion boards Flipsky motors with this kit. The more expensive option would have significantly better power and current. My board would probably be an MBS Comp 95 with bindings. My question is do you think the Flipsky drivetrain would lack so much in power it would be pointless to put on my build? Has anybody ever used the L-faster kit, if so were the parts cheap, and did they break easy? Does my board look compatible? Lastly, does anyone know of a cheaper mountain board than the Comp 95 that also has bindings?

Hi! 1000$ is a pretty low budget for a proper e-MTB. I wouldn’t give anything on the watt ratings of motor from China. They are all not correct. In general i wouldn’t go below dual 6374 in your case. The new Flipsky motors do look better then what they sold before as they as minimum tried to battle harden them. If you plan to ride much through mud or snow I personally wouldn’t go with an open belt drive.

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Do you know an alternative to open belt drive?

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There are enclosed belt drives or gear drives. Problem is that a set of gear drives would eat up 1/3 of your budget already.

yeah, the E-toxx gear drives are not cheap. Well atleast, in the summer my trails are so dry dust is the problem not mud and in the winter the trails are buried in 5 feet of snow so I won’t ride anyways, but thank you for the input!

There are many other hear drives available thou. Not only etoxx.