Trying to build my own esk8. First step, batteries

Hi, I’m trying to build my own esk8, but I want to understand all what I do, an every calculation that I need.

My first question was, what I’m looking for? And my answer was a lot of autonomy, in other words, don’t be worried about the batteries early.

I know if I want this, I need a high current value.

Finally my decision is this,

After take this decision, I remenber that a lot of people don’t have a big battery, they have several in serie o parallel. Why do this if I can buy just one?

Is better these two in serie?

What do you thing about the first battery? Can you explain me how yo choose it? If finally choose this one, I need to know something for the VESC?

I know are basic questions, sorry.

What kind of range and series are you looking for.

I went for a bigger li-ion pack as theyre safer to some degree and I want to not have to worry about buying a new pack until I maximize the cycles which I hope would last around 1-2 years

You buy multiple batteries like 2s and connect in series because of the size. If you look at the 10s you posted above; it´s a big brick. It doesn´t matter if you use a mountainboard with a case ontop, but for our regular longboards, we usually want something slim underneath the deck.

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