Trying to Decide on a Spot Welder

Hey guys,

I want to buy a spot welder to make li-ion packs myself but I don’t know which one to get. I have heard mixed reviews about the Sunkko 788h.

I was considering buying this DIY spot welder from the following website:

Does anyone here know about this welder or should I stick with the Sunkko? Any advice from someone with a little experience would be greatly appreciated!

A lot of people on the forums use this spotwelder.

Comes from South Korea, so might have to pay VAT when it gets delivered if your in EU.

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I have this one, a version slightly older. It is great. I hook it up to a car battery…


Just got the Boss, the Sunkko 709a started giving me problems after the first small battery. (7s3p)

It still spot welds but for some reason the soldiering iron is no longer working.

I tried the Boss soldering iron with a 19v power supply and it got hot quick I like it. I’m waiting for my Lipo to come on to start using the spot welder.

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The Boss welder sounds great!

I really like the DIY one I linked too after watching a few videos, but I’d rather buy the Boss welder everyone else has so they can help me learn how to use it or fix it if it breaks.

Hopefully someone on the forum who bought the DIY welder I linked and will see this thread to give a recommendation.

The boss welder is the best.

Let me know how ur handling swapping tips when u get a chance

Check also kweld. I think it’s the most robust but maybe overkill for 1-2 packs

like I said - maelectrics is awesome!


Hmm I was looking at mine and I’d have to remove the heat shrink to see how the tips come off I dont have any that size so I won’t be taking it apart till I get more heat shrink but for now I’d use sand paper and sand down your tips to make them look like new.

I’m gona do that soon I’ll post pics of before and after cause my tips look to be in not the best shape( I got my welder used) but I’m positive I can clean them up.

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Just recently got a maelectrics spot welder to build my pack. I love it! I use a 11.1V 5000mah turnegy pack to power it and it works great.


I just bought mine last night!

I got one from AliExpress

SUNKKO 737G 1.5kw spot lasser machine led light lasmachine voor 18650 batterij spot lassers to clipboard

It sometimes blows my main fuse. But I guess all high-power welders will do that on 230v 16A

Good luck! The title is not indicative, but I thought this thread had good info on malectrics.

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OMG i forgot the link, why did you like? lol


Sweet, can’t wait to hear what u come up with. I’ve given up using my boss for a little bit till I get the sparking resolved

recently got the malectrics one, happy with it so far, I love how compact everything is with a lipo :slight_smile: image

EDIT: I got the fuse kit so don’t expect any boom’s from mine :wink:


:joy: thanks for the link

I have the maelectric(arduino) spot welder and love it. I have 4 big packs and done various other small jobs with it. It’s a nice little machine for the money.


My Sunkko blew something on it’s startup from the buttons… haven’t looked into the guts, but no worky-worky atm

It’s sodding iron comes easily off from it’s holder