Trying to find a suitable battery

Hi, I have a question about ESC and batteries. So Im using a 24/36V ESC bought from aliexpress/china and Im currently using 3x3S 2200mah 25-35C Turningy LiPo batteries. These batteries run out really quickly. About 3-4 miles. I was woundering, if I can go for a 10s setup. I would buy 2x5S 5000mah 25C Turnigy LiPo batteries or a ZIPPY Compact 8000mAh 5S1P 30C Lipo but this one is actually out of stock right now but I have time. The main question is, will my ESC handle the occusational 42V, because of the fully charged batteries, at the nominal 36V should be good, but if its fully charged I dont know. My seller from aliexpress wouldnt give out information about the product. This is both the motor and the ESC:

Please help, Thank you!

Most china esc can take a 10s setup. Sometimes it requires soldering/desoldering. However, you only posted the hub drives and nothing about esc

Voltage is a crucial parameter for any ESC - the FETs are more costly if they can handle higher voltages. So if the rated voltage of the ESC is 24 V, you will likely burn it quickly with 28 V - maybe before the battery voltage drops.

Why are you going with lipos. Me, or someone can build you a good 10s battery with 18650 batteries that will give you great run time. But yes, going from an esc that is set up for 6s will burn up if you up the battery to higher. Escs are pretty cheap. $60ish on ebay for a dual esc

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