Trying to find BMS suitable for Molicel

Hey, I’m trying to build my first eskate. going in the deep end and building my own battery pack too. Im planning to use Molicels P42a’s. having a 10s3p configuration. Im currently stuck at finding a suitable BMS. looking on the litechpower website and they have alot of options for 10s. I only need the BMS for charging so just wondering what kind of amperage would be suitable. also worth noting im not looking to cheap out and definately am going for quality

Molicel P42a specs:

capacity: 4200Mah

Charge current: 4.2A

Correct me if im wrong but my total pack charge current should be 4.2 x 3 = 12.6A

1.So should i be looking at BMS’s with a charge rate slightly higher than 12.6A?

  1. Would a BMS with a charge rate of 20A be too much?

  2. Do all 20A chargers charge my pack in the same time?

  3. lastly, does anyone have a reccomendation for me of BMS from litechpower?

Thanks heaps!!

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Make sure you do lots, and lots, and lots of research before you start or buy anything.

Use Daly instead.

Maximum continuous charge current is a “do not exceed” rating. Charging at less than that will extend cell life.

No; using things under their rating increases reliability and extends expected service lifetime.

Yes, mostly, unless they lie about their ratings (a real thing), but I would not use a 20A charger anyway on a 3P battery.

None of them. Get a Daly

But it would charge fast fast fast.

sure would

okay thanks so much. I am making sure to do lots of research, cant find alot of choosing bms’s. so to be safe i should go for a 10A bms, correct? Ive looked at the ali shop you sent. seems like the lowest amperage rating is 15A but you said i should not exceed my 12.6A. unless im missing something

edit: I was mistaken, there Amperage rating stated on Ali is the discharge, have to look at the pictures to find charge rate for each option.

The common port models will have the same charge/discharge ratings.

The separate port models with have different ratings for each.

Doesn’t matter a whole lot if you’re not discharging the ESC through the BMS anyway.

I have a new Daly 10s BMS in the US if you want it fast.

Thanks for the offer but i live in Australia unfortunately.

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