Trying to reduce gap on pivot

I found some gap in the pivot on my front truck as I do maintenance. is there any way I can fix this? other than buying pivot bushing because the longboard size doesn’t fit on mine. standard skateboard’s pivot bushing works but they are as good as plastic. couldn’t find any better aftermarket product. Does riptide sell one of these?

Pivot cups are designed to fit certain hangars

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Changing up the Peter. Didn’t recognize you. TBH, I like this one more.

Pictures, measurements details?

@Alphamail is it good?

No really but did you say standard pivot cups fit them, do you mean like Indy pivots? If so, we (RipTide) makes them and can be found at:

okay I will try indy Thanks, I think in local shop they gave me indy so it should. I use Avenue truck, which is very rare. I do not know why they use such small pivot size even tho it is rkp truck.