Trying to revive an old eboard

My normal battery it came with died, a cell went bad. Have no tools to try and fix it. Found out my ebike battery works with my meepo v2p. It just seems to overload it as the eco mode for going 15 mph is boosted to as fast as it can go, 21mph. Then it slows down over time, about 10-15 minutes and eco mode goes 10 mph.

Alas, all I can find out about the battery is it’s 36V 23.2Ah. In an email that never continued on, the person from the company said it’s likely 10s. Possibly 7p if counting cells and dividing by 10 is right.

Would I be able to just buy a new v/esc and make it work? And I mean some programmable one that I might be able to limit the power this battery gives off. Or is that what a bms is for?

You can limit your power to the motors using the settings in a VESC or derivative thereof. You should have a BMS built into your ebike battery already.

Alright, cool. Now just gotta decide on which one. And also learn how to change its settings. Been waiting for a possible solution for this for a good week or so. Should be fun to put this back together.

It does have a bms, but I figured I’d ask that part anyway.