Trying to sell parts for a discount direct drive motor

Boundmotor direct drive kegel core MOTOR TYPE

DUAL DIRECT DRIVE MOTOR MAX SPEED|50KM/H(12S) MAX POWER|3000 WATTS MAX AMPS|60 AMPS Per Motor| KV RATING|60 KV| MAX VOLTAGE|12S (50.4V)| MOTOR WEIGHT|1.13KG MAX INCLINE|30% MOTOR CAN DIAMETER|V1: 66MM V2: 72MM*76MM| Front Truck Width|305MM(12IN) Motor Truck Width|330MM(13IN List price-349

As well as a Boundmotor esc Drive|two motors with One piece of dual-drive VESC|

VESC Program Version|V 6.0| Firmware|VESC-5.1

Programmable|Yes| Supported sensors|HALL| Selected Hall Volt|3.3V or 5V| Support Modes|DC, BLDC, FOC (sinusoidal)| Main Size|100mm x 70mm x 19mm| Outer Case Size|80mm x 90 mm x 22mm| |Connector Wires|50mm| Power Wire & XT 60 Plug|40mm| Motor Wires|50mm| Max Current|300A| Continuous System Current|60A| List price-249

I want to sell both together but am willing to sell apart. I have the sale listed on ebay Price is $500 for both was going to be apart of a build I had planned but it fell apart both items are new but I’m willing to sell for lower than listed I also have a 10s3p samsung 30q battery pack if anyone is interested I can also list. It would be a big help. Also willing to sell directly through PayPal invoice.

Hi, what voltage are these? It doesn’t indicate anywhere. Are they 60V (12S max)?

Do these have an IMU?

Yep 60v is correct. It doesn’t have an imu

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