Trying to wire my eglide remote

I ripped the cord from. The remote wondering g if anyone know the correct wiring diagram

i HAVE ONE, and will check wiring, if noone else helps, but call them, and make it easy.

Did you rip it out because of your muscles jesus?

I tried calling and sent several emails

Also I’m trying g to get this running g because my buddy has stage 4 cancer. Saw it on YouTube. First thing he said was I could probably sit on that and ride. So I’m trying to surprise him with a couple skate sessions before the inevitable comes. If anyone could help it would be awesome.

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I message you on fb to post pics

Yes, post a pic, so I can go look. I need to know how to orient the view, so I can draw it.

It won’t let me post pic. Is there anyway to just tell me color to color? You would have to take the midi end cover off. Or if you hold it with the pins arching up.

I dont know from where you are looking.

If you can describe your view, then I can look.