TS80 Soldering Iron

Accidentally bought two of these bad boys the other day so instead of dealing with the hassle of returning one I figured someone here might want it since they are the shit! Just want what I paid for it.

Brand new in the box and never even been opened. It is the better “more” package that comes with the really nice heat proof silicon usb-c cable and wall plug and a couple other things.

$85 is what I paid I think, will double check. Buyer pays shipping and can send it as soon as tomorrow. I’m in SoCal (OC) but can ship it wherever someone wants. I fucking love this little guy though and you will too!

image image

How does it fair with thicker wire?

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moved to parts market.

actually good and better than you would think. Look up some reviews on it, it’s crazy what this little thing can do and it’s so handy and nice. Ill prolly never use my bench station again in all honesty…

It’s 74$ shipped on banggood, just sayin :sweat_smile:

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That must be what I paid then cause that’s where I got it. LOL. Just hadn’t looked and there were other items I bought with it so couldn’t;t recall. Like I said, whatever I paid for it is all I’m looking for.