TSG GROUP BUY - completed

Edit: this is now over, sorry for anyone who missed it

I got everything approved and I can purchase individual units from the new TSG USA distributor. I want to do this Group Buy so everyone can get their hands on safety gear. That said, last time I did this it took my a huge amount of time to sort and distribute everything. Because if this I will be adding a few dollars to the cost. The prices are still insanely low. I need your help tho as I am totally swamped with work today. Can you guys go find sizing charts and pair them here? It would help a lot!

TSG full protection set will be $40 in small, medium and large.

TSG Pass in white, purple, black and yellow. All sizes available. $145

Sometimes I like to ride without full face, so I am adding the TSG Superlight helmet as well. All sizes available. $35 for small and medium, $42 for large and XL.

I will also be fronting the cost of this as I don’t want the items to go out of stock. Shipping is probably $15 instead of seven for helmets so add that to the price as well. I need someone to help manage this as I will be busy af today.

Purchases will be on my website, AND ONLY THROGUH CREDIT CARD as paypal says I made too much money last month and is holding it. For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m legit and my website is www.buildkitboards.com (products not available yet)

Payment will happen tonight, just wanted to get this out there. Please stay tuned and be swift with the payment as I will place the order ASAP to secure stock.

Edit: if the EU wants in on the pads I can do so, but shipping will be about twice as much. Canada is also welcome if you pay the shipping cost.

Ordering will begin at 5pm EST and end at 9PM EST tonight!

I am doing this because stock is diminishing and I want to get it ASAP


Good man giving back and addressing a serious problem with quality gear, buy cheap buy twice, this way you can buy cheap and once


Well done! @JLabs :wink: in for… TSG Pass + Pads

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TSG Helmet Sizing Chart


TSG Helmet Sizing Chart


Prob. too late but former world champ Kevin Reimer developed some knee pads with TSG for down hill that wrap around the side of your knee not just cover the knee cap… maybe in the future you could include those they are the bomb :bomb:

I know deckybro is a fan :star_struck:



Jlabs is legit

Even hand-writes thank you notes on your receipts :grin::+1:t2:

Watching this, just got too many other purchases planned

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@JLabs You are awesome! Thanks a lot making this happen with such great prices!

Would really love a TSG Pass in orange but guess i’m gonna have to get a different color.

No helmets for canadians? :frowning:

If you pay for shipping I will ship it. But irk how much that is, I’m guessing $40

I’m in for a XL TSG Pass Helmet

I’m down for Acid Yellow in Large. Just tell me where to go. Lol

I am down for carbon fiber one black and red tell me where to go

im potentially interested in a black tsg pass…not sure on sizing or price of shipping to canada though

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That’s the pro-line with magnetic cheeks, not the standard pass. :slight_smile:

There is a difference besides the outer material (plastic vs Carbon)?

Yes the pro-line uses carbon to be lighter, and also the cheek pads are magnetic instead of snap in, for easy removal during injury


They have them but are $70 just for knee pads


@JLabs You’re the man! Huge savings! If I hadn’t bought my Pass 2 months ago I would be buying one now. I’ll more than likely end up with one of the superlights and some other gear though :slight_smile: I suppose I should start thinking of a way of explaining these purchase to my wife. :laughing:

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i’ll take a set bro!