TSG Pass Group Buy 🔥 Round 2

You guys wanted another GB for the TSG Pass helmets so here it is! The helmets are in stock at the distributor, so everything will be able to ship to you in 2-3 weeks. Hopefully we can get at least 6 of each size.

The Pass is pretty much the standard full face helmet for esk8. Designed with aerodynamics and rider comfort in mind, it has a wide viewing area, featherlight construction, breathable vent ports, and an organic feel while tucking. It includes 2 visors for night and day (they swap in seconds!)

The price is $219.99 shipped in the USA! International shipping is ~$33. https://buildkitboards.com/collections/tsg-gear/products/tsg-pass

There are also other items available as well! The superlight and basic protection set: https://buildkitboards.com/collections/tsg-gear/products/tsg-basic-protection-set https://buildkitboards.com/collections/tsg-gear/products/tsg-super-light-helmet

I am closing off the orders on Sunday March 10th at 10am EST

If you have any questions let me know! If you could share this around to get your buddies riding safe it would be greatly appreciated

Photo from last time


@JLabs Placed an order , thanks for making this happen !

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@Winfly I just checked, they have all visors in stock (Black, electric silver, and transparent). They are $52.95 each. PM me if you want one.

Any other TSG products you guys want let me know.

If theres import tax into the EU, its significantly cheaper to buy from a vendor here already :frowning:

I can definitley help on customs charges, but if the price + shipping is comparable to a local dealer its not worth the risk of them damaging in transit internationally.

$210 on UK amazon D: Wish i could help out the group buy and stuff but yea its probably not worth the risk of shipping internationally

How much is all this incl shipping to Sydney 2156 nsw Australia? Really want an xl in blue with a silver visor. hoping the conversion and shipping doesn’t bend me over.

It will calculate the shipping cost at checkout (or in the cart page). You can also change the currency to AUS at the top right of the website

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How much does a small weigh?

My medium weighs 2lb 4oz

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So I purchased one right before the GB and it came in today. I measured my head and it was 22" so I ordered a medium and I get that I don’t want it loose but I think it might be too tight. It is snug on the cheeks which is fine, but it’s very snug all the way around. Not too uncomfortable after wearing it for 15 minutes but taking it off it feels like I would get a headache if I wear it too much. Thoughts?

I am thinking of returning it and getting a large with the GB

Depending on age, if you will grow at all I would go a size up. The helmet gets more comfortable as it conforms to your head, but it can only do that so much. You at the low medium size range, are you sure your head was measured properly?

Yeah I just did again… right above the eyebrows, largest part, maybe 22-1/4 freedom units. I can see that if it conforms a little bit it probably will give me a little blood flow. Thanks!

Last day to jump in! This group buy will go quick, and TSG prices will only go up in the future.

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I have been coveting one of these for such a long time! Finally bit the bullet, thank you for making this happen @JLabs.

My pleasure, please share with your friends if they are interested!

A lot of you jumped in today, still time left!


I had a couple of messages, so I extended the group buy until tonight! Helmets will be ordered tomorrow


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Helmets are ordered! I got extras, 2 large, 2 XL. They are $229.99 shipped in the USA. PM to order


Ah oh well I missed it again lmk when you do another I broke my Ruroc and my TSG is super battered up and scratched and I lost my visors lol