TSG pass Helmet group buy EU - Checking interest

Would anyone be interested in a group buy for TSG pass downhill helmet? Can order both the pro and normal in all colors.


Usa or eu?

Just ordered one :pensive:

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I asked if we could get a gb discount they said that they support their dealers and that they wont do it

Or your not going through them directly?

If my wallet can handle it , then I’m in

intrested, if theres a cost benefit

EU 10 char

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Yes plz. Interested!

interested if its still an option…been 2 months…

maybe yes, depending on the discount

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Interested! been a while but would be awesome if theirs a cost benefit.

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Interested in TSG Pass black. Russia.

Very interested.

interested if the L still doesn’t fit

Interested in xl black or carbon

Open it to Australia and I’m interested.

New Zealand

Just for the french people, be aware that private sport shop regularly sell those for around 125euros.

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Interested if this is still a possibility, Sweden.