TSG White Large Hardly used

selling my tsg pass after using it yesterday for the third time I don’t think it fits me and I think I need another size bought from the group buy payed 160 asking 160+ shipping comes with everything the extra visor never touched and oem box 20180618_170524 20180618_170518 20180618_170534 20180618_170358 20180618_170434

I purchased a tsg pass pro carbon last year and it was too small, I’ve heard the carbon series ran smaller, this year I gave tsg a new chance and ordered a Large, this time no carbon series just the regular one.

Really hope it fits me this time.

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:pensive: Miguel, I’ve been holding back on this one for a while now, there’s this word called PAID you might not know about as I’ve seen that “payed” eyesore in various posts.

Define not fitting, where’s the problem? For me it was just the putting it on and taking if off being way too tight on my XL. the issue was the thick cheek pads, removed those and helmet fits, just no padding there.


Is it too small for you? I want one, but concerned the L might be too small

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Actually I feel as if it’s too big, it’s not snug and I can feel it pretty loose so that is why am selling it

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I have the same problem. Bought a black L Pass thru the group buy. Just tried once (helmet is back in the box). Is like fitting your head inside a mouse a…! No a pleasant experience. The whole thing of measuring your head (59 cms for me) means nothing with these helmets. L size is apparently for 58-60 cms diameter heads. But the truth is different. There is no relation between what TSG says the L size is and another thing is the real world in wich you try to squeeze a 59 cms head like mine (because I took the time to measure it before ordering the L size).

I’m selling mine. There is no use of trying taking the cheek pads or other cosmetic fix. You know immediately when trying to squish your head thru the helmet opening, that the thing will not work. You feel like your head is crushed by heavy fabric inside a washing machine. Your ears bend trying to fit them inside. They will break with three more tries, you’ll get cauliflower ears and then should be ready to get a job in the UFC.

I’m considering letting go of the idea of having a full helmet like the TSG. Anybody who needs a brand new TSG black, size L, feel free to PM me.



The thing is back in the box. :-1: :no_mouth:


that thread sabotage lol , I honestly don’t mind just becarefull not to do that to others on this forum lol.


I use to think the same thing. I personally have been wearing a medium for a few months, and when I tired a large it felt the same. So after the pads loosen up a bit it should fit better, but in your case it may be to small for that.

They are a bit of a bitch to put on even when they do fit. And I’m saying this as someone with an incredibly lean face.

My buddy has pretty chubby cheeks but a smaller head and can barely squeeze into my helmet and when he did my XL was to big for him.

Sorry @Exiledd_Top, was not my intention. Just sheer frustración having the dang thing sitting in a corner collecting dust. Besides, there are plenty of costumers for these helmets out there now that people like you and I are having issues with the TSG sizes.

Cheers Bro.

I posted the link to this thread in the Bay Area Esk8 Facebook group

@chris.hunt were you looking for a new full face after your incident? Not sure if you busted up your yellow lid

naw my lid’s perfectly fine also i’m a 56cm head

Anyone still selling a Large TSG pass?

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Still for sale new unused - Matte Black - TSG Pass - Size L

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Willing to ship to Canada?

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Big package, expensive shipment. PM if you are willing.

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I think my account is too new to send pm’s lol. Definitely interested!

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Every time I take mine off I freak out…will it come off…lol

I went from the medium to the xl…same thing…don’t panic…:rofl:

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