Tubeless NOT! Airless

So I saw this a couple go days and figured I would ask opinions may be even some info from those people way too smart for me for some insight. What do you think of the concept for esk8 purposes?Anyone willing to try it? Or has anyone already done it? My only concern would be braking. May be just ridiculous to do?

I think it would be too stiff, since the rim would have to be a lot less flexible, and the sides on tires make the drive smooth or bumpy

is it even realistic to think about? off road and trail riding is a lower pressure application than tubless tires could provide in my opinion. You’d need like 25-30 pounds of pressure to keep the tire locked into the rim on something that size and taking those kinds of turning forces i would think. Maybe a little less, but it would still be a hard tire.

maybe if there was some kind of rim locking mechanism other than just air pressure forcing the tire’s bead into the rim’s notch.

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Having tubeless bead locker rims on an Esk8? I mean sure. You could probably have some excellent handling characteristics with wheels like that. But like @longhairedboy was saying, you’d need very high pressure to keep it on other wise. Also, God forbid you get a flat.

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