Tunes while you skate, what's your solution?

Those of us of a certain age remember these:

Don’t get me wrong, hauling one of these on an eskate might be epic.But it’s a little impractical nowadays…although it could be awesome to hack…I kinda want one now. But I digress.

I just picked up a little bluetooth speaker that clips to my backpack. Sounds pretty good, but it would be nice to get some more bass out of it.

I’ve also got one of these on the way as well to see the difference.

How are you listening to music while you skate?

Any recommendations?


I use bluetooth hats.


Bluetooth headphones such as these:

I only put one ear in for safety.

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Not mine but I’ll leave this here


I’m using the JBL xtreme! Comes with a strap to wear it!

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yeah I carry a bluetooth speaker.

For my fullface helmet (Demon Podium) I have the “BE Link” Bluetooth headphones that are integrated into the helmet. Plus, they can be swapped to the beanie for casual wear.

For my regular helmet (Bern Watts - love the esk8 double meaning :wink:) I use these Kinivo BT240 Bluetooth headphones. I also use them for everything else, phone calls (way better than holding phone), at work, watching videos in public places, etc. They are super handy & compact, and the battery lasts quite a while.

I’m old school I guess I have a iPod Classic with a headphone jack. Then just some skull kandy ear buds.


Always got one of these in my bag, surprisingly loud :wink:

I rock Denon C301 as double-driver earphones but since we’re talking speakers, here is my other baby (didn’t try to load it on a board yet) :

Sharp GX-M10. Freaky old school bass packed with iOS compatibility. Love this lad. Now I’d gladly trade it for its new counterpart : GX-BT9 with Bluetooth (perfect for Android phones and it is black too).

Here is another pic for size reference :

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If cost isn’t a factor this is awesome in every way You can pair 2, either your own or if you meet up with somebody who has one

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Speaker with ability to store stuff

Here’s my custom UE Mega Boombox Boosted board. Here in NYC it’s illegal to wear headphones and this way tourists and locals who wander into the street while staring at their phones hear me coming! IMAG1145

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I like my music private. I wear these to listen to music and traffic at the same time. They’re bone conducting. 15474126384227301444334372975451

I cant recomend the Trekz as the construction of them has been lackluster for me

The entire right ear piece popped out of the housing and refuses to go back in :man_shrugging:

Maybe i got a bunk pair

Mine have been Champs. Wear them everyday, everywhere. Never had a problem. Sometimes I sweat into them like a bitch. Not an issue for these guys. Don’t sound the best, but they work. Especially for a guy like me with small ears who can’t use earbuds.

I used to use a jbl clip 2 but it was too quiet so I went for a Bose Soundlink color mini. It’s water resistant and clips right onto a belt and it’s LOUD. You can even pair 2 of them together if you want to annoy everyone around you lol.

I have headphones for all occasions when I want to ride I have my helmet with some cheap helmet bluetooth headsets When im not riddin I use my jbl earbuds and when I want to ignore my wife I use the jbl 710 im looking for some now to ignore the kids too lol

you got a link or a reference please ?

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