'Turbo' Car ESC 120a? Bad idea? Or brilliant idea!

Hi guys,

Just seen this interesting ESC on hobby king, never seen it before. Please refrain from spamming about the VESC, we all know it’s better and im not here to refute that :yum:

Has anyone had something like this, or have any knowledge about them? Turbo sounds interesting (read: dangerous) Sounds interesting to say the least, currently about to buy a 120a X-Car one anyway unless you guys convince me otherwise for jokes :smile:


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It only appears to support 2S Lipo so no, that’s not gonna work.

Oh christ, didnt even spot that :sweat_smile:

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@Bazingazunga it’s an easy mistake to make! When I look at car ESCs the first thing I review is the scale that the ESC is designed for, 1/8th is the smallest that is typically good for esk8. Another variable is price; under $50 is often sign that the ESC is for smaller cars.

Ah right cool, thanks for that little bit of info man appreciate it :slight_smile:

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If you want a good cheap 6s that can hold up … get a toro 80a ESC … works right out of the box…and works well … only thing maybe to change is increasing the break force…but that’s up to you

have you hearn anything about this one @Michaelinvegas


No havent …it’s way overkill

@Michaelinvegas Is the braking sound very loud with this ESC?

As compared to a VESC … yep …

Compared to other ESCs … the same …

Car ESCs will all generally be the same