Turney yet stable setup without tall bushings

ok people, esepecialy actual downhill skaters. is there any way to make your heavyass eboard feel more lively and still stable? withought getting different trucks? all the boards I’ve ridden feel really stiff. and not just because the trucks are too tight or they r setup with the wrong bushings

it depends, some people like stiffer bushings, and some the other way. I find precision washers (Array makes a good set) remove a lot of slop / play in the trucks, which allows me to run my trucks looser (or softer bushings) without as much wobble.

What’s your current setup?

I have a dh/freeride deck and for trucks I’m running an old pair of Randal r1’s. Bushings are riptide 88 and 90a. And wheels r kegels. Only reason I’m using the Randals is just cuz they were extra and I didn’t feel like buying a new pair of trucks

u can get a shorter truck with stiff bushing and play with angle riser. it works for me. it doesnt go very loose but enough to do 90 degree turning

I use blood orange all around, wedges board side, riot plug, barrels road side, with atopic precision cups. Been stable up to 40mph. Still very surfy. Obvious change the duro for your weight(I’m 127lbs)

Rear, 86a wedge fat end toward board, 86a barrel, and atopic precision cup

Bolzen 6 deg dewedge in rear

Front 86a wedge board side, 83a barrel road side

The riot plug is on both trucks and sits in the bushing seat to reduce truck slop - dont mind the wax residue

wow thats quite soft duro. it would get unstable if i touch craks with this. i think bammbo board helps u a lot man

yeah I’ve thought about that but they are harder to built a board from and u need to stuff all the batteries and electronics at the very end. unless u have some sort of flexible battery/enclosure. the duro is not that soft, i mean I’m not doing any serious downhill runs. what do u run on your downhill board?

Im using 83 B 93 R corn at front, 90 with inner core B 83 R with wedge. but Im changing the back truck to both cored 90. its hard to balance on uneven surface. also thinking changing pivot cup to soft one so i can get smoother turning. btw try using cored bushing. return to center is very good

why do u have the softer one boardside on the front? it would be more stabloe to have the 93 boardside. or is the softer turn fine for the speeds u go at? where do u buy cored bushings? I can barely find any info online even about their trucks

Softer bushing in the front gives you the turny. Please note I said I’m 127lbs. You need to look at bushing duro charts for weight reference.

I certainly dont understand why one punch is running softer board side though, as softer board side makes the board mushy, with a harder duro roadside making it less turny…probably feels numb under the feet. But its all preference I guess.

Harder board side will give you stability, softer roadside will allow carving to be more lively.

I’m a surfer at heart…so deep leans and carves with predictable linear turn feel is what I shoot for.

oh I was talking to @onepunchboard no yeah I know about bushings and weights and all that stuff

um also u can get kick tale. im actually making one for myself, kinda shady but think its ganna work well. basically I bought blank skate board and ganna chop the end and attach it. so that i can do tight corners. not sure if ur into it. im alwys having skate tool so depends on what i want to do i play with bushing tightness.

??? do u understand the physics of downhill/fast skating man? u want ur weight as far forward as possible to avoid wobbles. putting weight on a kicktail will make u less stable. it can be totaly fun at low speeds but as u get faster u really want to avoid putting ur back foot and the kicktail.

nono it will be far end of the board. it’s a nifty feature for city ride man. Why would i use kick tale on down hill un less i want to kill myself. i dont think u picture it as i do

this is what Im talking about the core bushing. It just came to the market

oh interesting, so they have a cutout to reduce slop. sorta like roges but for trucks with no insert bushing

exactly. except u can play with the location of that core. cus it only goes about half way through so u can sandwich it , both out wards, or one side inward one side outwards. tho im not a pro so cant really tell much difference. mine is from bones but not sure if other company makes it.

Have you tried riptide krank double barrel bushings? They are riptide’s highest rebound bushings. A friend who is a downhiller recommended them to me. I’m running them now on my caliber 2 clone trucks and on my Liquid precision trucks. Also, I have found that wider trucks feel more stable with soft bushings for a carving setup. My precision trucks are 200mm My Caliber 2 clones are 218mm The 218’s feel amazingly stable. The clone hangers are mounted on genuine Caliber2 base plates with riptide wfb pivot cups.

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well I’m running double barrels but not krank. idk maybe I’ll give it a try.

I was running other riptide barrels before switching to the Kranks. The kranks seemed much better to me. I love to emulate surfing on my Esk8 The krank barrels allow me to go rail to rail hard and maintain good control. I run the same setup front and back. I don’t just turn with the front wheels. I like to turn with both front and back during low to medium speed carving. 10-15 mph

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