Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorless ESC Programming Box

never used new in box 8euro + shipping euro zone uk as well

Do you still have it? :slight_smile:

I do have seen it there just today

It’s new in the box I order wrong one at the time

How much would you like for it and how much for shipping to Poland?

Ill find out how much shiping will be registored post st a guess 10.50 euros might be cheaper to buy from hobbyking

all in 15euros

Yeah, please try to find cheap shiping, it would be nice for sure not to pay for it more than for a card :wink:

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I will try

Hi, do you still have this ? Thanks

I might have i will have a look tonight

Thanks for your reply

I cant find this i have a box of stuff in tbe atic i will look up there

Ok, thanks, I got the esc today but can’t seem to get it to work !

What esc is it

It’s a Turnigy 160A for a 1/8 scale r/c car

Send me the model number

All I can see on it and the box is : Turnigy 160A 1:8 scale brushless system, Input voltage: NIMH/LiPo 8-12 cells/3-4 cells. Operation current: Over 4S. BEC: A3,V6. Thermal protection 95 degrees C


I found that programming card last night , did you use that red button to for any thing

don’t mind the program card part it should work with out that.