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Turnigy AeroDrive SK3 245Kv in Europe

@LucidLunacy so my best bet would be the G160?
EDIT: Just FYI, I don’t mind it not being the most efficient.
I’m gonna have a 2:1 gear reduction, so I think the 149kv motor would be better for that, seeing as with the 245kv motor I’d probably be better off with a 2.5-3:1 gear reduction.

lower kv = more amp draw. More amps = more heat. Heat kills electronics.

@LucidLunacy Yeah I understand that, but with a gear ratio of 2:1, which one would be better?
My initial choice was the 245kv sk3, but i can’t find that anywhere.

my pocket book doesn’t like unnecessarily replacing parts, and i don’t like being limited to a top speed of 10 mph, assuming your going with the common 83mm urethanes

@LucidLunacy huh?
I indeed would prefer to not need to buy other gears, but if its the only solution, I guess new gears would have to happen.
I use 70mm wheels, and according to the calculator linked below, i should be able to go 21km/h(13mph).

Even though I am 110KG, would a 2:1 gear reduction be fine for the 245kv g160?

245kv @ 9s with 83mm wheels and 12T:36T pulleys will put you at 8150 rpm, 22mph top speed, and a 3:1 reduction which is plenty of torque.

@LucidLunacy As said I’d prefer to use the gears I have currently, which are 15T:30T gears, is there no solution involving those? Would I really have to buy new gears?
Would you happen to know a shop in Europe that sells pulleys?

I’m U.S. based, however
has 36T wheel pulleys in stock as well as required mounting for ABEC11, kegel, and oranhatang wheels

you can stay with your 15T motor pulley, will reduce your reduction ratio from 3:1 to 2.4:1 but will increase top end to 53 km/h

wheel pulley setup for 36T through Alien is roughly 50eur

@LucidLunacy Alright :slight_smile:
Would you mind helping me with some other things aswell? Any IM I can write with you on?
Things like ESC and Battery :smile:
Not gonna go with a V-ESC, since I’m trying to keep costs down, and the V-ESC is very expensive here in Europe.

I’m no expert but I have done a lot of research. My honest opinion is to 1st try and search the forms for your answers. Knowledge is empowering. If you cant find an answer to your question/s after a little research, I’d be glad to help you along with a lot of other members in the community I’m sure.

Start a build here to get started

and dont forget to drop in here to introduce your self

@LunidLunacy By the way, how do i know if the 36T pulley will fit my belt? as in, the spacing of the teeth etc.
Since I don’t have FlyWheels or Kegels, I need to either buy some of those, or bore through my current wheels(That was my original plan, but I’m slowly starting to lean towards buying Kegels/flywheels…).

@LucidLunacy Woops, didnt tag you properly

@LucidLunacy The current gear i have, just has a single screw in the side to pressure fit against the axle of the motor. Will this keep it in place?

This can help you.

It’s true that a lower current draws more amp and so creates more heat but using a 10 or 12s pack will lead to a less important current draw. So yeah what that means is if you go for the 149kv, you have to go with 10/12s if you want your build to be sustainable.

@Crameur Alright thanks for the response. I’m gonna go with the G160 245Kv that LucidLunacy linked above, since I’ll be able to run that nicely at 6S. With my weight, would a 2:1 gear ratio be OK, or should I still put a 36T pulley on my wheel?
Since yeah, AlienPowerSystem has a 36T gear, but they also have a shipping fee of almost €19, aka $21… And I already have a 30T pulley.

EDIT: Basically what I’m asking is, the G160, would that motor push my weight alright at a 2:1 gear ratio?

Well, you will surely move but you will have to push yourself to get going. If I were you I would consider the 36T config, basically the higher the ratio, the more torque you get, the lower the ratio, the more speed you get butwith the the 245kv you will have a decent speed anyway.

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Thanks for letting me know! Thought that they are not available for over a month! Tried to subscribe for the notice of when they are back in stock but I suppose it did not work out that well… uhh, too bad, will have to wait another two weeks or so…