Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 5065 236kv on 12s?

So I’ve got one of these:

Had my board set up as an 8s2p Li-ion + 16:42 teeth + 80mm wheels. Worked great, but sadly most of the streets around me are cobblestone and my feet got numb almost immediately. So I got a set of Psychotiller 6-shooters. Love 'em; smooth and quiet ride! Unfortunately due to the huge increase in wheel size I lost enough torque that I couldn’t go uphill - a huge problem here in Seattle. Tried a 16:48 ratio, but it didn’t help much :slightly_frowning_face:

My new plan is to build a 12s4p Li-ion pack for higher voltage and go with a 16:60 tooth ratio. Calculator says my top speed is around ~40mph, which is just about double the ~22 of my old board. Waaaaay too fast for me, but I figure with ERPM limiting I should be okay.

What I’m more worried about the motor’s ability to keep up with the 12s pack. It’s an 1850w motor, but the specs say max 60A/37V. The pack will nominally be 43.2V (3.6v*12), but at full charge it’ll be upwards of 50v for the first few mAh. Any chance this will work? Or is this going to be way past insulation breakdown levels?

I know I’m a little bit late to the party… Like >6 months late, but I’ve just found out about your post. I don’t know if you’ve already figured out if your motor did ‘accept’ the 50v or ‘rejected’ it in a puf of magic smoke. It should be able to, if you don’t overload it with too much energy, voltage isn’t the killer, ampere isn’t either. Both of them will kill the motor, but that’s not why I was replying.

I’ve got a similar motor, but the 180kv edition, I have had some trouble with the mounting though. May I ask if you would be willing to share the method you used to connect the pulley to the motor? At the moment I’m using the clamp that came in the box, but it gets loose every time I try to ride a hill… The little cutout for the steel piece to keep the gear in place is in my build ‘hidden’ by the motor mount…

I own an sk3 5055, and ive had some problem with my pulley aswell. Maybe this helps, I ended up grinding a flat spot onto the motor shaft and putting a total of 4 set screws in the pulley. Make sure two of them are aligned and are tightened onto the flat spot. Add some loctite and you are set, didnt come loose for the last 200km ive ridden the board (including hills).

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Thanks a lot! I was thinking of indeed sanding down the motor shaft and use a bushing to make the shaft a little bit wider, but if that worked for you I’ll try that! Sounds pretty doable!

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