Turnigy Graphene Batteries

This look promising, comes with a hefty price tag.


Too bad they don’t have 4S 12000mAh… they have a 10000mAh though.

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Oooo. pretty. I’m looking at a 4S 5.2Ah Turnigy Graphene pack for only $27 right now. I’m thinking about using 4 for 8S at a little over 10Ah. Good idea? Seems to be the best cost/Ah ratio I can find for what seems to be a highly rated battery. Edit: Yeah if you’re looking for 4S graphene the 4S2P configured packs at 5200mah are $27 so you could make over 10Ah for about $50. Note this is in the USA HobbyKing warehouse.

I bought two 4S 10000mah for my upcoming build. Really nice batteries. :slight_smile:

wow, 8S 10AH right ? you’ll use VESCs?

Yup. Upgrading my current Vanguard to a dual :slight_smile: I have all the components, all I need is the enclosures and the time. :slight_smile:

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