Turnigy Heavy Duty 4s 5000mah LiPo Battery For Sale [Eu mostly]

Hi. Due to my spotwelder acting weird and being ‘untamable’, I would like to sell my LiPo.

It has been used only a few times… and not discharged more than 50%, I think.

So extremely lightly used, I would say.

HK link: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-heavy-duty-5000mah-4s-60c-lipo-pack-w-xt-90.html

Most offers / willings to buy should happen in Eu.

I bough it for around 50-55usd in total…

Would be cool to get at least 30eur for it. Shiping cost depends on location.

Shipping cost might be in 5-10eur region. Will see what my post office says but I might pack it up real well and ship it as regular mail.

Not sure how many ppl have sent their batteries but as ive heard the shipping hazard mostly affects air mail. If it is ground shipping, shipping regulaions are a lot smaller

@Acido was looking for one of these?

Thanks ben but I just bought one a week ago :slight_smile:

Gotta link to the exact one? May help finding a buyer

Yeh will look into it and edit my first post.

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what spotwelder dju have?

Boss one. I think nanotech or graphene brand batteries might have worked better…

I heard @Acido also using 8ms or so timing… I just wanted something with more adjustability.

Welding with too high pulse time is not fun. Either connections are super sturdy with a bit of heat marks left… or u make a hole in your nickel, like I got a couple of times…

Not saying im good welder, my technique might be lacking as im still novice with how to weld and how to properly clean everything and hold together but non the less it seems like 3s works better, at least for heavy duty brand

im getting nice welds at 3ms nickel to nickel 2x 3ms and 2ms 1x 3ms for cells

@Acido Sounds interesting. But u use 0.15mm nickel? I had 0.2mm one

For welding thicker from my short experience of 3 hours of welding you need to increase the amount of pulses :smiley:

Well… 8ms to me sounds a bit too much. Though i think @rojitor confirmed recently it is a bit harder to weld nickel with 4s, as previously thought.

So if u get 3-4ms weld pulse times, thats the sweet spot, I think

Yes. Harder yet possible