Turnigy/HK motor mount weight?

Anyone know the weight of the Hobby King motor mount? Can’t seem to find it on the internet

They are pretty light. I have 2 pairs at home but IDK how I’ma gonna weight it. I don’t recommend them tho. Better get boardnamic or dickyho mounts if you are on a budget. I heard you are also in Berkeley I can lend/gift you a pair cuss I’m not gonna use them.

Dude I’ll 100% take you up on that. Why do you recommend against tho?

Don’t remember why but didn’t like them. I think they aren’t mirrored. And they don’t fit well. Also don’t think they fit very well. No idler.

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I agree with @Winfly. They are terrible, they don’t fit well and wiggle lose over time. Please don’t buy them. I would go with the @e.board_solutions or @dickyho motor mount. :smile:


They are designed for single drive so they are not a pair. They only work dual if you go diagonal.

thats saying it


lol I was on the phone man. didn’t proof read my words.

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