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Turnigy Reaktor 30A 1000W or 20A 300w charger, what else do I need to buy to charge my batteries?

With all of my parts on the way, I think I’m ready to buy the final piece for my board, which is the charger. I have 3x 4s 6.6ah batteries that I’ll want to charge as quick as safely and affordably possible, requiring at least 20A. At 30A I can charge in parallel at about 1.3C, but I’m definitely still considering just buying the 20A charger, since it’s about half the price and the more expensive pack will only save me about 20 minutes of charge time when I’m on the go.

So besides the power supply, what else do I need to buy to charge 3 batteries in parallel at 1C?

Thanks for the help, sorry if this has been asked before but I haven’t seen too many 3 battery charging situations explained

Maybe it was already implied, but you’ll need a balance board. Also, maybe some balance lead extensions to make connecting easier. And maybe some kind of sweet case to contain it all.

okay cool, those are all inexpensive! So there’s no extra soldering that need to be done? Just buying a balance board that can handle 3x 4s batteries and the extensions if the charging orientation is awkward? I’m tallying up the final costs, it’ll be a miracle to keep this build under $1000. I don’t see how people are doing anything of quality for just $300 and $400 hhah

edit: I should mention that I haven’t deducted the savings that I missed, I paid $50 for my wheels and later found them for $30 etc…