Turnigy SK3 Motors For Sale, Close

Just wanted to post these on listing, so I can get them out of my hand once I get the delivery. I am not making any money on this.

You can pay when I get the motors. In the Mid-March.

All motors have keyways and silicone wires. If the motor has sensors the wire length will be 230mm. 12 AWG wire is used for the motor.

($55.37)ea 3- 6354 260KV ($85.17)ea 2- 6374 192KV with SENSOR ($86.67)ea 1- 6374 192KV with SENSOR AND EXTENDED 38.5mm shafts ($86.53)ea 1- 6374 149KV with SENSOR AND EXTENDED 38.5mm shafts (reserved)

Shipping to you Medium USPS Flat Rate Box ~$13.45 Large USPS Flat Rate Box ~$18.75


Only 6354 260KV’s Left

Only ONE 6354 260KV LEFT!!

1Left. Sold 2 on Turnigy SK3 6355 260KV Bump 10char

Sold! 10char