Turnigy SK8 6354-260KV on 6s possible?

Hi guys,

unfortunately my 220kV APS 5065S Sensored from alienpowersystem broke and now I’m looking for a replacement.

My setup goes with a 6s2p LiPo battery and Enertion VESC (not FOSC) I would like to get a 63 motor because of the heat problem with 50, to keep my max speed I was looking for motors around 220kV - 270kV and just found the new ones from hobbyking like this one:

The description tells me it works with 8s to 12s but I dont know why it should not work with a 6s aswell. Or am I wrong? So will it work with my setup or not? Thanks for your help

I think it will work on 6s, 260 kv is a bit high for 8s-12s


Thank you for that Information but unfortunatelly that doesn’t really explain if I still can use the motor from hobbyking because the specs says: Cell count: 8~12s Lipoly (Voltage) and I’m running with 6s.

I also opened a request on hobbyking and asked if the motor will work with my 6s setup and that’s what I received from them:

“Unfortunately you can not use a 6s battery with the Turnigy SK8 6354-260KV. It needs a minimum of 8s to function properly. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Have a great day!”

So technically I still dont understand why he tells me it will not work properly. What can be that different compared to a 6s spec motor?

I’m getting more and more irritated…

They are saying that it is designed to work from 8-12s. That is the only information you are going to get out of them as that is what the official spec sheet tells them. If you want to find out if it runs on 6s, then its a case of convincing someone here with one to try, or buying one and trying it yourself. Unfortunately it is a new motor so there hasn’t been too much time for people to experiment.

I think I’ll go for it and try it… Because the hobbyking motors are so much cheaper than every other shop I found.

Anyway if someone has experience with these motors and a 6s battery and can tell me something about it it’ll still help a lot!

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It will run. No problem. but you wont have an effective setup. That motor wants more volts. Now you’ll be pushing more amps into it to come closer to saturation. Amount of copper determines what is best suited to run the motor with.

Just use the esk8 calculator. Plug in all the variables