Turnigy sk8 90°C in 2kms

Hi , i coming to have the sk8 149kv . I use this with 10s batterry and focbox . Normally we can use this at 3500w . But mine , are hot after only 2km (90°c motor, outside 30°c,and flat road) :face_with_thermometer: . And that with only 60a motor for 1380w max (in ackmaniac app) My config app is normal , motor max/min 60/-60 , battery max 60 , min -14 . And the brake are very soft to hight speed :scream: . Do you understand what’s problems ??!! I have tested with 2 motors and it’s same for the two . I have motor mount carbon of trampa ,and i can turn my belt at 80° easily . I don’t understand why this temps are so hot . If you have any idea thx …

A picture of your setup will be colossally helpful.

Is this a dual set up? What cells and p count is the battery? Questions Questions Questions

Hi , for the moment it’ only one motor (unity in september only) . My battery is an 10s4P of Samsung 25R autenthic (discharge max 80A , charge max 20A). With bms bestech 223v1 buy in aps webshop . Motor pulley 14T , wheel pulley 44T . Focbox on last ackmaniac , with box alloy 3D Servisas . And these connecting wires are to 29cm . :flushed: 20190831_113645 20190831_113709 20190831_113724 20190831_112931 20190831_113103 20190831_113830 20190831_113904

As about.motor u should contact turnigy i think.

Increase regen current gor better brakes

i have contacted the online service of hobbyking . And the guys speak to changed the parameter " Motor timing: 0°/6°/12°/18°/24°/30°" in esc !!! That’s existe ? What is that ??? Do you know , what’s same in the app ? maybe this ? @Ackmaniac , Can you help ? sk8

WHat do you want to achieve, doesn’t the motor work after the motor detection?

hi @Ackmaniac , no it’s a problems of temperature . I have 90°c after only 2 kms . When i have contact the online service Hobbiking they say to change this value for more cooling motor . with this link for exemple . https://hobbyking.com/en_us/yep-esc-programming-card.html

14/44 for a single motor with this big wheels is ridiculously tall gearing. No wonder it overheats.

i have use an euskating 6374 170KV , since 2 years before , and trampa put 66T . And never problems with temps .

Sk8 heat up faster than Maytech 6374. That does not change the fact that your gearing is wrong.

I see you edited your post. So you used 66T before and now you use 44T?

no , trampa use the 2 models 66T and 44T . I use the 44t . It’s an urban carver with motor pulley of trampa…

Trampa also sells this board with 90mm, 125mm etc wheels.

14/T44T with 7" or 8" wheels and a single motor is too tall end of story.

I can just second what @taz said. The 44th are used for the trampa gummies. For the 6.5“ urban threads the gearing will not work good and could be the reason why your motor overheat. I was running the exact same setup as you, also single drive and my vesc heat up in like 5min up to 80 degree and the motor has been hot to touch. My motor was a maytech, but if my vesc wouldn’t overheat so fast I would get the motor as well up to 90 degree within some more km.

Sadly Trampa sells the single setup with air Tyres which doesn’t work. Go dual and you have fun. The Vesc itself works already at it’s most efficient motor timing. So hobbyking only tells you some bullshit to be quiet. Sadly service these days only means that somebody with less knowledge then you answers until you loose interest.

ok , i understand , thx for your explication and time. I will tested that with less amper , that can be help . I can’t to put 2 motors before end september (unity)