Turnigy SK8-ESC, 190kv

Hi, this is the first time I’m building an electric skateboard. I’m on quite a tight budget and I am trying to buy all the parts from Hobbyking, because they ship to South Africa. It is almost impossible to find a VESC in South Africa and most websites that sell VESCs don’t ship to SA. Will this work well or should I consider buying a much more expensive one that ships here? https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-sk8-esc-for-electric-skateboard-conversion.html?wrh_pdp=3

I also would like to know if this 190kv motor will be fine? I live in a town with quite a few hills. I also found a similar one that is 192kv. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-aerodrive-sk3-6364-190kv-brushless-outrunner-motor.html?wrh_pdp=3

I am going to be using Li-Ion 18650 cells (3.6v). They are generally between 1500 and 2000mAh. What results should I be able to expect with a 10s8p setup?

there is a 149kv version of the 6374 that has been brilliant in my case. Lower top speed/can potentially compensate with 12S if you have a good VESC.

I second that. A 149kv motor will be great for hills if you have a high voltage battery

Also building a board in SA! I just bricked a 120A FVT Boat ESC…so looking to buy that hobbyking VESC when I have cash again. Let me know how it goes!

Do you guys not have access to ollin or FocBox or vesc6? I’d rather pay a little more

Well, If you are on a budget, its not the smartest to buy a vesc 6 to almost 400$

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The 150amp xcar beast is cheap and works great it’s only 6s it does the job …

The Ebay esc’s come with remotes and are solid and reliable. Not very adjustable, and only good for 25 amps/motor (not enough to make 6374’s worth it really) but they’re the cheapest way to start that I know of. I think it’s around $40/shipped for the single and $70 for the dual

Between exchange rates and shipping the path of least resistance is hard to find. China caters to South Africans more than anyone at this stage.