Turnigy Skateboard Kit Wheel compatiblity


I am a proud owner of one of the new-ish Hobby King Turnigy Skateboard kits and I’m considering changing the wheels (aesthetics), perhaps to some ABEC 11s.

I’m wondering if someone would be able to measure the hole dimensions (I have none to measure here) so I can judge whether to risk blind-buying some from overseas (I’m in NZ). From what I can work out, the distance between the bolts (opposite each other) is 35mm… perhaps 34mm. The wheels are reported to be 87mm. Would like to get some white 90mm.

If someone could do a quick measure then that would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

They kind of look like they are clones, right?

looks like you’ll be fine

(these are the retainers for ABEC11 wheel pulleys)

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I’m not sure I see the point of replacing clones with more clones, unless you only care about color. Get some genuine Abec11 Flywheels. The difference in ride quality is significant


Listen to this man, he knows what’s up.

Great stuff. Cheers @DavidBanner

Agree re: clones replacing clones. It’s only a commuter, I doubt I’ll be going quick (i.e. <= jump-off speeds) and it is about colour :slight_smile: (white).

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my pleasure @skelstar :slight_smile:

Just remember that the white colour won’t be there long :sweat_smile:

True… clearly my orange is turning a “street-grime” colour.

Maybe black would be better… looks like I’m going to find it hard to get ABEC 11 wheels in NZ.

you’re going to have a hard time getting them anywhere, soon enough.

@longhairedboy do you know something you are not telling us?

i know ABEC’s website was down for a while. I know Chris wasn’t answering his phone, and i know people right next door that weren’t being bugged by him anymore, and i know the wheels were increasingly out of stock unless you already have 10,000 of them with your name on them and not his, yet he’s still on the forum offering group buys.

Now the site’s back up, and some of the availability seems to have increased overnight.

I have no idea wtf is going on. It seems volitile, so If you find ABECs get them now.

yes tis all very peculiar.

the problems is everyone needs ABECs, even if they don’t realise it yet…

Testify! :slight_smile:

They should just do some preorders and kick it started again. Whatever the bottleneck is it’s certainly not a problem of people not wanting them or looking for them or vocally asking about them. If the issue is cash flow, turn the damn pipe back on.

ITs probably just Chris spending all the money on exotic wigs and huge mirrors instead of re-upping on stock. If i had such a blank canvas, there would be no end to my wig collection, but alas, i must suffer through this life with my own gorgeous naturally grown locks.

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keep your hair on mate :wink: I have visions of you in the workshop with a huge fan just off camera, working away in slow motion while tossing your hair like Fabio in a shampoo commercial

But you know how it is running a business, there is always a million and one things cropping up out of no-where like a loch ness monster with PMS. Could be anything from a business issue like you mentioned such as cash flow to a family issue.

I just hope the flywheels keep on rolling out the door, 107s at price that I don’t need to mortgage a kidney would be awesome.

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I have used that kit with the abec11 90mm, 97mm and the 107mm and it fits better on all those wheels than other wheel pulleys…it’s actually my favorite wheel pulley now…

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You hacked my security cams or something? that’s EXACTLY how i work. Super slow-mo with the breeze on, 80’s ballad rock blasting in the background


So you’re pretty happy with the kit? It’s my first e-board and I’m quite happy. Fully expected entry-level problems but I’ve had a flawless week (so far).

I’m more concerned with safety (speed) than getting my thrills at the moment, and I have gentle-ish hills so perfect so far.

are we talking montage set to Van Halen Jump?

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