Turning a old electric scooter into a board? help needed

i wanted a board as cheap as possible, and have a electric scooter whose esc blew up.(accidentally connected the batteries the wrong way)

my thoughts were to use the motor and batteries from one of my old e scooters, the motor is a 250w 24v 14a and the batteries are 2x 12v 5.1Ah, has anyone ever done this?

My plan was to mount the motor on top of the board and use metal bushings for the trucks so the truck won’t turn, (I’ve seen this on downhill boards to reduce speed wobble at high speeds)

i have a longboard already but i really don’t want to drill holes in it or weld to the trucks, in other words i would like to be able to take everything of and use it as a longboard again.

the board I’m going to use is a jet but i forgot the name of the board, and i painted the bottom so… its a stiff symmetrical, double drop board with big tails. (i also have a busting maestro pro, and a loaded dervish sama, but they are both really flexy)

for the wheels- Orangutang kegels 80mm and 83a duro, i already have them and they will save me from drilling into a wheel.

now i just need to figure out what gears to use and how to mount the batteries without drilling any holes (any ideas?)

i would like to use a chain like the scooter did, i herd belts aren’t really reliable and can snap.

and as for the mounts, i shall be fabricating them myself out of scrap at my local workshop.

i saw the video but they used part of the scooter, and i don’t really want to do that because it would mean making a deck or cutting one up. thanks for the reply though.